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Bookkeeper (QuickBooks & Gusto)


Compañía: DFMG

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Descripción de funciones: Since its establishment in 1980, DFMG has delivered personalized financial and legal services to individuals and businesses globally, fostering enduring business connections.The RoleYou will be responsible for :We have an immediate hiring opportunity for 100% Remote Online Quickbooks Bookkeepers on a temporary contract basis. Please verify you fully meet all requirements before applying. Regrettably, we’ve encountered instances where individuals accepted the position only to reveal their unavailability later. Therefore, you must confirm your 100% availability and prior commitments preventing you from applying to avoid any added complications. We are a US CPA and Law Firm; thus, entire agreement with independent contractors and US government background checks are mandatory for this project.Additionally, do not use CPA in your resume if you do not have an actual license that says «Certified Public Accountant» on it. Too many people are applying with the letter CPA but without an active license in the USA, which is illegal in the USA. So please be mindful of this if you do not mind.Remote Bookkeepers will input information from paper and electronic financial documents into our database. The ideal candidate should possess strong computer skills, a minimum of 3 years of Quickbooks advanced skills, be a proficient typist (minimum 50WPM), and demonstrate meticulous attention to detail. Reporting and working with US CPAs, Lawyers, and team members, you will be entrusted with maintaining accurate and up-to-date data while adhering to strict confidentiality principles.Job Responsibilities

  • Input financial data from bank statements and financial reports into Excel spreadsheets.
  • Ensure accuracy by reconciling all data entries with source documents.
  • Update and reconcile existing data as needed.
  • Retrieve requested data from databases or electronic files.
  • Regularly download banking documents to cloud-based file cabinets.
  • Organize paperwork post-data entry to prevent loss.
  • Prepare, compile, and sort documents for data entry.
  • Verify and log receipt of data accurately.
  • Transcribe source data into electronic formats.
  • Transfer information from paper to computer files using various methods.
  • Conduct high-volume data entry using software tools.
  • Verify data integrity against source documents.
  • Review data for errors, missing pages, or information and rectify discrepancies.
  • Maintain filing systems and uphold the confidentiality of customer information.
  • Perform routine backups to ensure data preservation.
  • Respond to data retrieval requests promptly.
  • Operate office equipment such as photocopiers and fax machines.
  • Meet departmental standards for quality and productivity.
  • Complete additional assigned tasks as necessary.
  • Key in payroll: we accurately hand key in payroll for 500 employees in 1 day.

Some of The Software Used In This EnvironmentOnline Quickbooks, Pcloud, Zendesk, Citrix, Microsoft Office, Excel, Skype, Hubstaff and GustoWork Schedule

  • Monday to Friday (10 AM-6 PM / EST Time Zone Only! – NON NEGOTIABLE!)

Ideal ProfileJob Requirements

  • A minimum of two years of demonstrated experience utilizing Online Quickbooks is required; proficiency in all advanced functions will be evaluated. Additionally, our HR department will personally verify your job references to validate your skills and performance.
  • Candidates must exhibit fast typing skills, with a minimum speed of 50WPM, and preferably possess knowledge of a touch typing system. Please assess your typing speed before applying to ensure you qualify without complications.
  • Strong familiarity with word processing tools and spreadsheets, such as MS Office Word and Excel, is essential.
  • Extensive experience entering AP, AR, and Payroll data into Desktop Quickbooks is required.
  • Both verbal and written proficiency in English and excellent customer service skills are necessary, as the projects involve direct collaboration with CPAs and Lawyers.
  • A meticulous attention to detail is crucial.
  • Candidates should have at least two years of experience completing bank reconciliations using US bank statements, credit card statements, and POS merchant statements.

What’s on Offer?

  • Work alongside & learn from best in class talent
  • Fantastic work culture
  • Opportunity within a company with a solid track record of performance


Ubicación: Bolivia

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Fecha del trabajo: Wed, 10 Jul 2024 01:05:23 GMT