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Demand Generation Content Writer


Compañía: ModSquad

Descripción de funciones

Descripción de funciones: At ModSquad, we’re not just building a content engine; we’re crafting a beacon to magnetize demand and skyrocket revenue. Our mission? Transform visitors into devout readers, convert readers into eager leads, and evolve those leads into our most enthusiastic clients.You’re not just writing; you’re wielding words to conjure traffic, generate leads, spark engagement, and ultimately rain down revenue. You’ve got a wizard-like grasp on the alchemy of Content Marketing ROI, turning educational content into a golden pathway that guides buyers from curiosity to solution with unparalleled elegance.Organization:You’ll join forces directly under the sage (demand generation, alongside the guardians of product marketing), and the champions of campaigns, design, and social media. You’ll closely collaborate with the sales and product teams to ensure your content spells bolster sales quests and product legends.Salary:To be discussed in the interview phaseLanguage:EnglishStart Date:June 3, 2024Key Responsibilities:

  • Inbound Content Mastery: Develop a content program and roadmap that ensnares demand.
  • Idea Alchemy: Host regular content brainstorms to distill months’ worth of content that doesn’t just enable revenue; it accelerates it.
  • Authority in Every Word: Craft content that enlightens, informs, and solves the arcane mysteries of our buyers, guiding them through their quest from start to finish.
  • Research and Insight Gathering: Venture into the market wilderness, conducting research and interviews to return with valuable treasures and real industry insights!
  • Versatile word crafting: From short articles to full length eBooks, and everything in between. Tailor and morph content across channels including the web, LinkedIn, email, and beyond.
  • SEO Sorcery: Weave SEO spells to amplify content visibility and summon organic traffic.
  • Analytical Divination: Peer into the metrics crystal ball to gauge content’s ROI and tweak the spells for maximum potency.
  • Write clear, fresh and attractive copy with a distinct voice (articles, ebooks, case studies, emails, newsletters, pillar pages and interactive content).
  • Execute copy projects from ideation to implementation

Who you are: Insights to our Top Candidate

  • Audience Whisperer: You know our audience’s deepest desires and how to speak directly to their soul, making every word resonate with them.
  • Voice Shapeshifter: You can match and amplify ModSquad’s distinctive voice, ensuring our banner flies high and unmistakable in the content battlefield.
  • Data-Driven Wizard: Your content creation is guided by the stars (data), optimized for engagement and conversion.
  • Technomancer: Familiar with the latest in content creation technologies and analytics without becoming a clone of every other mage out there.
  • Rapid Innovator: Agile, quick to adapt and iterate based on the ancient tomes of data-driven insights.
  • Master Storyteller: Adept at weaving narratives that transport our audience, captivating their minds and hearts.


  • 3-5 years of proven Experience as a copywriter or related role
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent world experience marketing
  • Demonstrable knowledge of online content strategy and creation
  • 3-5 years experience with eCommerce, web experience, and marketing automation


Ubicación: Costa Rica

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Fecha del trabajo: Thu, 02 May 2024 00:57:23 GMT