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Descripción de funciones: Offer DescriptionTo initiate the selection process for the recruitment of 1 Research Nurse in accordance with the criteria,requirements and selection system established in the attached Annex.RequirementsResearch Field Medical sciences » Other Education Level Bachelor Degree or equivalentSkills/QualificationsDevelop the operational phase of the project. Mainly interviews and assessments.Specific Requirements1.Be a Spanish national, a national of a member country of the European Union or a foreigner with aresidence and work permit in Spain.
2. Hold at least a degree in Nursing.
The minimum requirements must be accredited with those certificates that are valid in law, including all thosethat demonstrate the aforementioned professional experience, in line with the functions to be performed andthe assessment criteria.
In the case of qualifications obtained abroad, their homologation must necessarily be accredited.
The conclusion of the contract is subject to the availability of the project’s budget and to the successfulcandidate’s compliance with the requirements of current employment legislation. In case of non-compliancewith the requirements, the next candidate will be contacted in order of score.Languages SPANISH Level ExcellentLanguages ENGLISH Level GoodResearch Field Medical sciences » Other Years of Research Experience 1 – 4Additional InformationBenefitsIndefinite-term contract (art 23. Bis of Law 14/2011 LCTI).
Part-time: 17.5 hours.
– Financial remuneration:
939.70 euros gross per month including the proportional part of two extraordinary payments.
– Research project:
– Work centre:
IBSAL- Servicio de Aparato Digestivo del Complejo Asistencial Universitario de Salamanca.Eligibility criteria1. Curricular assessment of merits and abilities (0-55 points)
a) Curriculum Vitae. Scientific career (publications, projects, congresses, courses, doctorate, dissemination,continuous training in subjects related to Hepatology): (0-20 points).
b) Experience in research, especially in the field of liver diseases and transitional elastography technique (0-15 points).
(c) Training in nutritional evaluation and morphofunctional assessment.
(d) (0-10 points).
Experience in performing database and publication tasks (0-8 points).
(e) Certificate of disability (0-2 points).
2. Personal interview: (0-20 points).Selection processThe selection process is governed bytheprinciplesofpublicity,equality,merit,andability,constitutingtheeffectoneselecting body composedofrepresentatives ofthegroup ofresearchandofthe Technical Unit ofmanagementof IBSAL.
The selection process will consist of three phases:
1. Analysis phase and curricular value of all nominationsreceived,classifiedonthebasisofbetteradaptationoftheCurriculum Vitae to the profile establishedandcompliancewiththerequirements.
2. Personal interview: the three candidates with the highest scores in thePhase1and2willbeselectedforapersonalinterviewAdditional commentsOnce the process of receiving applications has been completed,thefollowingactionswillbepublishedontheWEB:
– Publication of the resolution on theadmissionofapplicationswiththelistofpersonsadmittedandnotadmittedaccording to minimum requirements andgrantingofaperiodof5calendardays forthepresentationofallegations.
– Publication of the resolution with the detailed provisionalrankingandgrantingofaperiodof5calendardaysforthepresentation of allegations.
– Publication of the final decision with the definitive ranking and minutes of the IBSAL selection committee.
*The publication will have theeffectofnotification,thispublicationwillreplacetheindividualnotificationtotheinterested parties and will havethesameeffects.
The announcement shall be resolved, in general, withinfifteen workingdaysfromthedateofsubmissionofapplications.
The resolution of the selective process will be published in the web page of the IBSAL Website for additional job detailsWork Location(s)Number of offers available 1 Company/Institute Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de Salamanca (IBSAL) Country Spain State/Province Salamanca City Salamanca Postal Code 37007 Street Paseo de San Vicente 58-182Where to apply WebsiteContact State/ProvinceSalamanca CitySalamanca WebsiteStreetPaseo de San Vicente 58-182 Postal Code37007 E-Mailproyectos@ibsal.esSTATUS: EXPIRED


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